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Scarifiers and Scarifier Collectors

The Grass Group range of Scarifiers and Scarifier Collectors are specially designed for sport fields, flat areas, parks and indeed any turf area. These products removes thatch build-up, enable increased aeration, more effective utilization of fertilizer, increased water penetration and earlier spring green-up. In the UK these products are exclusively supplied by The Grass Group, Britain's premier ground care equipment supplier for professionals in the care and maintenance of Turf.

SG670 Scarifier

Trilo SG670 Scarifier


ED130 Dethatcher/Spiker

RotaDairon ED130 dethatcher and spiker


ED130 TS Dethatcher/Spiker

RotaDairon ED130 TS dethatcher and spiker


ED180 Dethatcher/Spiker

RotaDairon ED180 dethatcher and spiker


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